Birdy footstool!

So – I am sewing in the background and nearly finished the first piece, which was a joint experiment with my Mum and sister. In the meantime though, I attended a short morning class to make a footstool at the North Seattle College and this was the result!


Proudly sitting on me kitchen floor

I got the material in a sale at Ikea for a couple of dollars and we were provided with the other materials in class. It took around three hours and there are a couple of little bits I’d like to tidy up in an ideal world, but let’s see if I find the time! Speaking of time, there was originally a pink button in the middle from the same fabric, but that was picked off by my 7 month old within several hours of bringing the stool home. I guess it wasn’t on firmly enough! That baby spots anything new in seconds…


A little more detail from the side

Still, with the fabric pattern, I reckon it looks okay without it although it was a nice contrast. The class was a lot of fun and the teacher and her helper were super nice. I recommend giving it, or a similar course, a go if you’re interested. It’s a nice feeling to come away with something practical and pretty in just a matter of hours.

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