Monday morning montage – Cyber Monday!

Alright, this is my first Cyber Monday in the United States, so please bear with me. My husband told me he thought Cyber Monday had died a death, but hubby – I beg to differ!! So many sales… too many sales for a young British whippersnapper used to paying much, much more for fabric and yarn. My eyes are about popping out of my head and my baby has (temporarily) lost a mother to the online realm. Therefore I unashamedly dedicate this post to Cheap Crafty Stuff Wot I Found on the Internet. It may be gone already, but if not, hurry, hurry!

Cotton + Steel Moonlit Meet Your Match Fabric - None

Cotton and Steel are definitely one of my favourite fabric design collectives whom I have come across thus far. They have a multitude of great designs and also print on materials other than midweight cotton: canvas, rayon, lawn and poplin are all in their collection. I have to say their cotton is pretty darn soft though, in any case. I digress – this Moonlit Meet Your Match poplin is supersoft and works out at just over $5 a yard from Craftsy! Craziness! Craftsy have all sorts of great deals. Here’s another:

Green Bee Frances Dress Kit - None

This is a kit from Craftsy and is for the Frances Dress by Green Bee Patterns. What can I tell you? It’s a pretty cool shirt dress, the material is from Cotton and Steel again, and it’s $14 down from $70!! Even the fabric without the pattern would be bargain city at that price. Incredible.

Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Easy Lay In Threading with Differential Feed

Okay, moving onto something more hardware-related. I guess I could do with a serger at some point, but I don’t feel I’m really experienced enough with my sewing machine yet to justify it. If I were in the market right now though, this seems like a good deal. On Amazon, the Brother 1034D 3 or 4 Thread Serger is on sale for under $200. Seems to be the most popular model on Amazon and has good reviews, so not bad, I’d say.

Dritz® Fine Sharp Pin 1-3/4''-250/pkg

Staying with the practical, JoAnn has 50% off their entire range of notions and sewing supplies. These are the things I always forget to buy – interfacing, pins, machine needles, etc. and end up paying full price for at the last minute, so it’s worth stocking up. I really like these Dritz® Fine Sharp Pin 1-3/4”-250/pkg for sewing, but it’s a matter of personal preference really.

Gilded Clouds

And finally… Spoonflower is doing a Fiber Monday, were all shipping is free for 24hrs – worldwide. This is something of a boon for those crafters who live in countries where they often pay the same again in shipping as they do in materials. Anyway, if you haven’t been to Spoonflower, check it out! It’s a site where you can produce your own fabric designs – Spoonflower will print your design on a variety of material ranging from cottons to knits to minky! There are also tons of different designs from other customers available to order- and believe me, there are some amazing ones! I’ve picked just one above – Gilded Clouds by willowlanetextiles, but there are literally thousands…

Have a fun Cyber Monday!


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