Monday montage: Urban Craft Uprising

It’s getting a bit close to order anything for Christmas, so I’m going to round up some great things I saw at the Urban Craft Uprising show in Seattle recently. I must say that the goods and makes on offer were amazing compared to craft shows I’ve been to before. So many craft shows are either “tat” or “high-end”. I could have spent a lot of money here! I did spend a lot of money here! But not as much as I could have. Here are five of my favourites:


Photo from BZR website

I’m a big fan of tights in winter and am always on the lookout for something a bit different. These ombre tights from BZR, based here in Seattle, really fit the bill. They come in every colour imaginable and can be styled in a myriad of ways.

I lingered over the stall from cg sculpture and jewelery for quite some time. The jewellery was what originally caught my eye – beautiful organic shapes in various metals, extremely feminine and delicate. Then I saw the little salt bowls with matching spoons. Absolutely stunning, in beautiful enamel, these would be a gorgeous pressie for any foodie.

I thought the diorama boxes and rings from Sparrow and Sundry were brilliant. Whimsical, unique and definitely a talking point of a piece, these made me smile. The rings come in lovely little stands and are actually three wooden rings in one. The diorama boxes are mostly themed around the Pacific Northwest (stunning, stunning!) but both items are available in a range of customization options and so you can order your own personal little diorama of your favourite view.


Photo from humperdinckhats website

Hats. I love hats. How many times have I wished we lived in the 1920s and everyone (especially men) still wore hats on a daily basis? Many times. Ah well. I wear them when I get a chance – weddings, posh nights oot, weddings… yeah, that’s about it. If I were to buy a hat now this is where I would go. humperdinckhats block and finish all their hats right here in Washington and who could resist that little number above?

Gosh, I’m at the fifth item already. I could easily have put 20 or 30 vendors on here, the quality was so high. Check out the UCU site if you want to see some more. But I’ll leave with another jewellery vendor – Bird of Virtue. Elegant, yet geometrical. Warm from the wood, but with the subtle addition of cool hues, this jewellery is definitely my cup of tea. Based in San Francisco, the maker behind this ravishing range produces necklaces, cuff links and earrings.

Okay, hope you’re done with your gift buying – I need to do the last little bits and then put me feet up! Have a great Monday! Bye for now!

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