Crochet: Casper Mountain Cowl


In ze kitchen

I’d like to start by saying that this project made me very happy. I had planned to do a post of a crocheted kimono cardigan I had finished a couple of days ago, but I -arghhhhh!- ran out of wool just before I completed the last main piece. So I’m now working on a remedial solution and should be able to post it soon. Let’s hope it’s one of those problems that ends up making the final product better and not… odder.


Malabrigo yarn – Arroyo Arco Iris

To calm my frustrated brain, I decided to pop into a local wool shop here in Ballard that I hadn’t been into yet and see if they had any Malabrigo wool. The ladies at Tea Cosy couldn’t have been more pleasant or helpful and they run a load of great looking courses if you’re in the area, so check them out! They also had the delectable wool in question. Now I have to tell you that I am NOT a fan of crocheted garments. Blankets, yes; scarves and gloves, maybeeee; clothes, nope – they all just look like cheap 60s rejects to me. Well, times are a changin’.  First I saw the aforementioned kimono cardigan and thought… you know, that’s actually ok. Then I saw this Casper Mountain Cowl by The Firefly Hook and fell. in. love. with both the design AND the wool. Hence the trip to the wool shop, the purchase of the wool and the crocheting of this cowl.


Completing the lower triangle portion

What can I tell you? This pattern was an absolute pleasure to work up. It took me just two days from start to finish, had enough variation to keep me interested (single crochet, V-stitch and bobble stitch mostly) and was fun. It has now inspired me to try and come up with something of my own, so I’m checking out stitch encyclopedias as we speak.


Working on the bobble stitch. The colours are most accurate to life here.

It’s also a great pattern as it can be worn by just about anyone. My husband is not a cowl/scarf/umbrella man. But I persuaded him into it and he actually admitted he liked it a lot (although he requested more manly colours – hah.) And wouldn’t let me post a picture, even in manly black and white or sepia. Bah.


The finished article

The wool! Oh, that wool. It’s hard to take a photo that accurately represents the colours correctly, but it is glorious. I’m not a massive fan of multicoloured wool normally, but these yarns sing. The original pattern uses the Pocion variety of the Arroyo wool, which is sportweight, superwash 100% merino wool. I used the Arco Iris variant and I love it. If you’re not familiar with Malabrigo, they’re a family-run operation based in Uruguay. They hand-dye all sorts of yarn in small batches, using the highest quality wools from Uruguay and Peru, and the results are stunning. It’s an interesting company and their website is worth a look!

I also used a new stitch to edge the cowl, which was the reverse single crochet or crab stitch. I haven’t had cause to use this one before, but I love the effect of this. It’s a great stitch and I plan to use it a lot more!


Working on the reverse single crochet

Oh – and one more thing. My husband pointed out the cowl can also be used as a balaclava! Weirdo bonus picture alert.


Have a great Christmas! Bye for now!

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