Monday montage: Amazon Handmade

One of my not-set-in-stone New Year’s wishes (I don’t do resolutions too well) is to try and write a minimum of one post between each Monday montage post since that is reflective of making and thinking, rather than just browsing and liking. (Not bad things, but definitely not so fulfilling). Well, but for a final leather strap, I almost made it with a bag I’m just about done with. Couldn’t get that leather in time though. C’est la vie – maybe next week, eh?


Anyway, I thought I’d take a look at Amazon Handmade this week. They had a stall at the Urban Uprising Craft show and that made me realise I hadn’t really perused the Handmade section of Seattle’s behemoth. I honestly haven’t seen too much online about it, so I have no idea if there are debates raging about the service, if there’s much controversy etc. but what I can tell you already is:

a) Man, they need to refine the interface. They seem to be treating the Handmade section rather like the normal section, but with even fewer search parameters. I found browsing quite difficult and that is one of normal Amazon’s strengths, in my opinion. But handmade browsing is definitely not the same as normal shopping.

b) There doesn’t appear to be a discernible home. I mean, there is a homepage, but it’s a bit of a random jumble. It doesn’t direct you to many places at all and the useful info (at least what I found useful) is at the bottom, many scrolls down. Also, when you do choose a section, you’re just faced with page after page of goods with no differentiating factor. For example, when looking at art, you can search by “colour” of a painting and where the artist is based. One is useless unless you’re trying to find a painting to match your new sofa (shudder) and the other, interesting, but only when you find something you like! Sort it out Amazon…

Well, I could go on, but rant over. I did actually find some nice things in the end and so, without further ado, not to mention moaning, here they are:

Art Deco Black Walnut and Maple Bistro Table

First, a table that is out of my price range, but is nevertheless beautiful to gaze upon. This is an Art Deco Black Walnut and Maple Bistro Table made by erdeus, who works out of his workshop in Maine. I do love art deco and this would be stunning in my living room. Dreams, dreams…

Porcelain pitcher, hand thrown and hand painted in wave pattern

Even though I’m complaining, I did notice by chance that they have an Urban Craft Uprising section on the site. I already did a post on some cool stuff I saw there, but here’s one lady I missed at the show. Isn’t this jug gorgeous? It’s just described as a Porcelain Pitcher and the maker is Sarah Bak. She has a number of lovely ceramics for sale and I am a sucker for pottery and ceramics. Argh.

Octopus Tentacle Pint Glasses - Set of Two Screen Printed Pint Glasses

Moving on, I rather like these Octopus Tentacle pint glasses. I think I’ve mentioned before about the difficulty of buying for men (no big revelation there) and these might be a nice gift? They’re screen-printed in Denver, Colorado by Crawlspace Studios and there are a range of different themes and glass types available, all pretty interesting.

00AK 8x10" Figurative Oil Painting of Small Boy Fishing pier red blue ocean sea by Carol Schiff Fine Art

Next, a painting that caught my eye. The artist, Carol Schiff Fine Art, has a number of paintings and prints for sale and I like the subject matter of many of them, but this small boy staring wistfully off the side of the pier was the one that made me investigate further.

LULI Art Bijoux - Little Daisy earrings

Finally today, a maker from Italy who makes delicate, pretty jewellery. These are Little Daisy earrings from artist LULI Art Bijoux. It’s a shame they’re all on the white Amazon background as I’m sure they would really pop on a different colour, but very nice nonetheless and they look great on the model at the link above.

Well, that’s my lot this Monday folks. I wish you all a great week until my next post and thanks for reading! Bye for now!

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