Monday montage: Jan 11th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all set up for a productive week! I have around 4 almost-finished projects sitting here waiting for: a button stud, an ounce of wool, a grommet tool and a new crochet hook, respectively. Slightly annoying, but it will feel like a productive week when I finish them all!

So, on that note, I thought I’d take a look at cool supplies or supply-related items for crafting. I’ve gone back to Folksy for this round up and here are my picks:

Crochet Hook Holder

First up, this looked like a pretty cool solution for storing my crochet hooks in a slightly more attractive way! It does have some limitations from the looks of it – i.e. if you have crochet hooks with thick handles they probably wouldn’t fit. I have quite a number of plain grey ones though, so the Crochet Hook Holder would work for me. It’s designed by a chap called Peter Stuart Bennett. Nice work sir!

aqua flowers focal

Next, a rather lovely bead, made by Joanne Joyce. The Aqua Flowers Focal lampbead is handmade with aqua glass and features a lovely scrolling effect with white blooms and a gold swirl.

Hand-dyed Pure Jacob Double Knitting Wool Chamomile 100g

Moving onto wool, I loved the bright colour of this Hand-dyed Pure Jacob Double Knitting Wool in chamomile from Tavistock Tastes and Textures. The wool comes from the owner’s own herd of Jacob sheep and is hand-dyed on their farm.

PDF Knitting Pattern - Fair Isle - Beanie Hat - Bobble Hat - Pom Pom

Staying with wool, I spotted this pattern for a cool Fair Isle – Beanie Hat from Wild Honey Design. It’s way beyond my skill level, but I thought this, and quite a few of their other patterns, were very appealing. There’s a great mustard girl’s sweater pattern too, that I might just about manage to knit up.

Cobalt oxide No. 5

Finally, for supplies, something food-related. Whaaaattt??? Not a supply? You put cakes on it! It’s pretty! Nuff said. This Cobalt Oxide No. 5 cakestand is made from slip cast porcelain and decorated with cobalt oxide and a clear glaze. I reckon it’s an extremely tasteful way to serve cakes. Although I’d eat ’em if they came on manila envelopes, frankly.

Tattoo inspired headband Knit in turquoise

Bonus picture! This isn’t a supply, but I thought it was pretty cool. If I saw this Tattoo-inspired headband in a shop, I wouldn’t even look twice, but this lady rocks the accessory and it ticks the crafting box. It’s made from felt and designed by Janine Basil. Lots of fun!

Alright, I’d better go and attend to the boy. Have a fun week and talk to you soon!!


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