Monday montage: exciting books!

Let me clarify: these are books that just came out or are yet to come out that I am excited about and that are sewing-related. Heh heh.  I am a bookaholic, a bookaphile, a book addict (a bibliophile would be accurate I suppose) and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cursed at myself for this when moving house. Or have been cursed at. I have taken up the Kindle when it comes to novels and other fiction, but I collect pop-up books and these, or any other art type book, just have to be three-dimensional, heavy and preferably smelling of paper. So, without further ado, here are five upcoming/just released books I’m looking forward to adding to my already-heaving collection…

I’m sure just about everyone in the sewing world is familiar with Gretchen Hirsch, or Gertie. For anyone who is totally new to the craft though, Gertie has written a series of books, all based on her love for vintage sewing. I find her books very useful in terms of her tips and instructions, and I usually find at least a few things that I’d like to make, even though I’m not a full-on vintage gal. I do have an hourglass-type figure (a dayglass maybe? :)) so perhaps that is why. This new book Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book is obviously focused on dresses and I can already see a couple of styles that look a little different and ratherrrr tempting. It’s out on March 8th!

Next, a book that appears to have a light, delicate touch with its patterns and I’m missing quite a few of these classics in my collection. Sunday Sews is out towards the end of March and is by Theresa Gonzalez. The dress and skirt I’ve seen (shown above) look clean and simple and even the projects I’m not so interested in (washbag, child’s toy) look strangely appealing. I’m definitely interested in this one.

pen to thread banner












Look, I can’t embroider. Heck, I may never embroider. But I love illustration and I have a few books like Pen to Thread with this kind of doodle/illustrative embroidery that I just stare at sometimes. And Sarah Watson is ace – I love the fabrics she designs for Cloud 9  and really just appreciate her aesthetic. If I ever do indulge in a spot of embroidery, this is what I would do.

Boundless Style came out at the end of last year and was on my Christmas list, but was not one of the books I received. I got plenty of others though, so no problem! It’s written by Kristiann Boos, the lady behind Victory Patterns. It’s a mix and match style of pattern book, i.e. you take a bodice from one section and add it to a skirt style from another to make your dress. It’s been featured on a fair few blogs in recent months, and all the reviews I’ve seen have been very complimentary. I’m a fan of the Victory Patterns style anyway, so am looking forward to this.

And finally, a British favourite: Merchant & Mills. This is not a brand new book, but it is new in paperback and I don’t own it yet. I was just talking to another sewist, Niina, about the M&M aesthetic the other day. I really love their branding and the other books by them I own. The branding is almost sparse in its monochromatic simplicity. But I’m not so keen on the coverplates for their patterns, as on the cover of the book. It’s probably my own problem, but I find it hard to visualise the garment; it looks as if it’s crumpled up on my bedroom floor after a night out. Ah well, it’s but a small gripe. They certainly win the prize for the most convoluted title: Merchant & Mills Workbook: A Collection of Versatile Sewing Patterns for an Elegant All Season Wardrobe. Can’t wait!

Ah no – there’s one more! I spotted this at the end of last year as well, but I haven’t had a chance to look through it too much yet. Anna Graham of Noodlehead has written Handmade Style and it came out in November. I have already made one of her bag patterns and am working on another right now (not from the book). Both are really great designs and her instructions have been super clear and concise, which has definitely piqued my interest in this volume. I will give the book a flick first since I believe it’s not just bags, but a range of garments/projects, but I have a feeling it won’t be long until I succumb to this one as well…

Okay folks, I hope you had a lovely President’s Day if you’re in the States and, well, just a lovely Monday elsewhere. I did, hence this rather late post. Have a great week!






7 thoughts on “Monday montage: exciting books!

  1. Great post! I am also a bookaholic! I love reading all types of novels and collecting sewing books. I have had my eye on Gertie’s previous books, but never purchased. boundless style is also on my wishlist, I love victory patterns and was very excited when it was released!


    1. Yep, indeed! I had a look through Boundless Style properly at Barnes & Noble the other day and I really liked it. I can’t tell you how many book culls I’ve had in my life – all a little sad. Nevertheless I still have a huge collection and there are many, many I will never get rid of! (Sewing books included) 🙂


    1. With your skills, I can imagine Pen to Thread would be right up your street. I love your attention to detail; I’m afraid I’m a little impatient or clumsy (maybe both). 🙂 Glad to hear you like Handmade Style – are there a few bags in there or is it a mixture of projects?


      1. I’m eyeing the pin cushion, but would like to modify the scissor strap to be a pocket, because I think it would hold better in a busy bag like mine. I love the quilts, but can’t decide on one yet. Have you made any of the projects? Thanks for noticing my detail (obsession!) :).


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