New make: Brindille & Twig Free Hoodie

I wrote a fair bit about the Colette Beignet skirt a few days ago and so, in contrast, this will be short and sweet. Finally I’ve made something else for the wee guy. We’ve had so many lovely gifts from friends and family of gorgeous clothes for Joe that he’s really only just starting to get to the point where it’s worth me making him some. I’ve had my eye on Brindille and Twig for quite some time. I very nearly bought a bunch of patterns in their most recent sale, but, due to the above, he just didn’t quite need anything at the time. Then I happened upon their free pattern – this hoodie – and thought, well, why not? He actually needed one.


So let me first say that I will definitely buy some more Brindille and Twig patterns now. Not only are they a little “different” from a basic tee or whatever, but they fit really well (somehow this looks more RTW than other kids’ things I’ve made) and the instructions are excellent! I’ve made a few raglan knit tops now, so I know the ropes, but if you’re a beginner or haven’t used knits, this would be a great resource. Every step has a photograph and the method is the same as for adult’s clothes. And it’s free, so there’s no reason not to download it.


Anyway, it’s been pouring with rain and Joe has been full of the cold for some time now (it feels like about 43 years if I’m honest) so this post is mostly composed of pictures of him playing in the bathroom. What can you do? Just don’t, you know, inspect them too closely.


Sewing the body

Construction-wise, this is very, very straightforward. I stitched the pocket on with the machine, serged up the main seams and did the cuffs and neckband with the machine, finishing with the serger. I have had some bad luck with directly serging these.


Stitching the waistband: I used a walking foot, ballpoint needle and narrow zigzag stitch. Tension was set at 1.

Even though I say it is straightforward, and it is, I was slightly dozy when I was making this, or perhaps I was rushing it, but I made two annoying mistakes. Don’t make them yourself, because picking out serger threads is rubbish.


The first one is something I’ve done before, which is try to slightly correct an armpit overlock and manage to put the knife straight through the arm. Argh! I’ve been using the serger for a good few months now, but I confess I haven’t done more than briefly peruse the instructions. Turns out there’s a bloody great button that disengages the knife. Why didn’t I read this sooner? Anyway, I had to cut and sew in another sleeve.


The second thing is not quite so annoying, but see if you can tell what I did. Yes, I sewed the hood on the wrong way, so the seams ended up on the right side. Very easy to do actually, but, more frustratingly, when I unpicked everything and did it again, I somehow ended up with the hood stripey. I’d been meaning to make it grey on the outside, but I really, really couldn’t be bothered undoing it again. It looks fine. Gah.


Yes, he is carrying a (clean) loo brush. He’s obsessed.

A few other details: I made the 2-3T size and, as you can see, it fits Joe pretty well. He is almost 2, but is quite tall and broad for his age (we are already using a few other 3T things), so I’d say it’s fair sizing – perhaps a smidge on the small side. I used a stripey cotton jersey I had from Girl Charlee and a grey rib knit from Joann Fabrics, I think. I wasn’t sure about the scuba-style hood, but I rather like it in actual fact. It seems quite comfortable for Joe.


You need about a yard of fabric in total for 2-3T and up, and only 0.75 yards for smaller sizes. It runs from 0 months to 6T and is a great pattern. It’s probably my favourite make for him (not much to choose from, to be fair). I’ll be back for more from Brindille and Twig! Did I mention it’s free?



3 thoughts on “New make: Brindille & Twig Free Hoodie

  1. That hoodie looks great! And these photos are just so adorable. They made me smile! Your son’s a good sport when it comes to getting photographed. Or is it a mistaken impression? 😉


    1. Thank you! I’m glad they made you smile. 🙂 Hmmm, I would say Joe “tolerates” me taking photos and I usually have to take quite a lot for a few usable ones. He thinks the closer he is to the camera, the better! But he does make me laugh.

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