New make: Linden #2 – a mixed affair

You know sometimes you make something and you’re not that keen and then you see the photos and you think, “Actually, it’s not that bad…”. Well, this was the opposite for me. I was really chuffed when I finished this Grainline Linden sweatshirt and now I’m… less so. And there’s a simple reason. I love the fabrics, I like the shape of the sweatshirt anyway – but the sizing/shaping is completely off on this one. The neckline is the worst. I mean, it’s not terrible, but it’s too big and droopy. It’s partly the fabric – there just isn’t enough recovery in the knit I used and I should absolutely have used ribbing. But I also think there’s something afoot with my pattern pieces, because this happened with my last Linden too (which I didn’t finish/ blog, because the neckline application was B.A.D). We adjusted the pieces as part of a class and I think I need to go back and check them. I may also have traced the long sleeve badly. Something is going on.


Anyway, I say all that, but I have worn this on 60% of the days that have passed since I finished it and I do really like it. This is one of the final sews from my A/W sewing list. I hadn’t planning on making one because I already made the Toaster Sweater, but then I bought 1.5m of this gorgeous Echino Kokka french terry from Miss Matatabi in a sale and knew it had a sweater in its future. But, alas, when it arrived, it transpired I hadn’t read the details closely enough and it was only 29″ wide! My own fault, but I hadn’t ordered a knit fabric before that was so narrow – and it wasn’t cheap either.


I was kind of annoyed at myself, so put it to one side, and then my friend Angela @frankie.etc made a really amazing Linden with plain grey sleeves and the lightbulb went on. Of course! I could just use the Kokka fabric for the body! I know that must be an achingly obvious solution to many people, but I just haven’t developed that sewer’s eye yet for these things. I tried different coordinates with the main fabric and, surprisingly, black came up best for my tastes.

IMG_20170212_135725 1.jpg


I made the same size 14 as my first Linden, although this time I made the long-sleeved version. It’s very comfy and roomy; if I wanted something a little clingier, I’d definitely go down a size or two next time. The only amendment I really made was to shorten the arms by around 1 and 3/4″. The self fabric worked fine for the waistband and cuffs, but then the level of stretch isn’t quite so important there. Oh – one other annoying thing. Even though I used the double needle to stitch down the seam allowance of the neckband and pressed away, the Echino French terry is still curling. You can see it in the picture below. Not a huge issue, but a minor irritation. This sewing malarkey has turned me into quite the clothes perfectionist (relatively speaking).


So, overall, I do like this make, but I thought I was going to LOVE it. Nevertheless, I have a feeling I’ll wear the heck out of it all the same (it goes with everything) and will end up loving it all over again. Adios!



4 thoughts on “New make: Linden #2 – a mixed affair

  1. It looks good! I think you need to let yourself forget the trouble you had sewing and fitting it. When the memory fades you’ll enjoy it more. The risk is that you might end up buying more of the troublesome fabric then 😉


    1. You’re quite right. I was just a little disappointed as I love the fabric and tried to capture my honest feelings. I have a tendency to gloss over the bad 😀 I’m wearing it right now (again) in any case, so I must be forgetting already! I could, of course, have redone the neckband, but I find my enthusiasm for redoing parts that are only mildly off waning. Ribbing next time!

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  2. The print on the terry is beautiful – at least you are getting to wear it – I have a few things that I thought were a disaster that I wear a lot at home (and several things that I really liked that I never wear at all!)


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    1. Thanks so much and I know what you mean! I actually forced myself into my Beignet skirt and a me made jumper the other day and I really enjoyed it. I love the skirt and just hadn’t worn it, but now I think I will be reaching for it more regularly. It was very comfy. 😁

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