New make: #sewmystyle Virginia Leggings

Hello there! A wee catch up post for the March #sewmystyle make, which is… a pair of leggings! Megan Nielsen’s Virginia leggings to be exact. It will therefore be a fairly short post since they are, after all, a comparatively simple item to make. Nevertheless, a good leggings pattern is important! I confess I almost didn’t make them as I have a couple of other leggings patterns, but what swayed me was 1) the reviews were very good and several were by people who have tried many, many leggings patterns and 2) there is a maternity option. I am not pregnant, but I lived in leggings when I was and they might come in useful in the future, if not for me, as a perfect gift for a pregnant friend.


I am planning to make almost all of the #sewmystyle clothes, but I did miss the Saunio cardigan last month. I wasn’t sure about the design for my figure and when I looked at all the versions people had made it didn’t sway me. It very often does, but I just couldn’t see this one suiting me. I had also hummed and hawed over this leggings pattern and a t-shirt pattern later on in the year, simply because they’re so, well, … simple… – but then thought: c’mon, I wear leggings ALL the time. NOT by themselves I hasten to add – nobody needs that vision in their immediate vicinity (so I will tell you now these pictures are only for the purposes of this blog/review) but under skirts, for jogging, etc. all the time. I NEED good leggings.


All of which very interesting preamble (ahem) brings me to the fact that these are good leggings. The details: they come in low rise or natural waist rise, and there are two lengths: petite and tall. I went for tall, since I’m not petite and took 4 inches off the length. They are designed to have a little “scrunch” at the bottom as you can see above, which I very much like. I had a scrunch after taking the 4 inches off though, so it’s something to bear in mind. I don’t have particularly long legs, but they’re not very short either. I suspect most people will take a little off, but’s an extremely easy thing to do, so no sweat.


There is only one seamline on the leg and therefore only 3 pattern pieces in total (two legs and the waistband). I think I prefer the tubular effect actually and boy, these are quick to make. I used the serger for the whole make and I reckon I could knock out another pair in 20 mins. Vereeee useful! I made the XL and they fit very nicely. They’re quite narrow in the leg (although less so without the 4 inches), so if you have quite shapely calves like moi, you probably need to factor this into your fabric stretch quotient.


Which brings me neatly to the fabric. The pattern recommends at least 40% stretch and preferably some lycra/spandex. I used a poly/spandex performance apparel fabric from JoAnn Fabric called Spacedye Black. Seriously, that performance range JoAnn brought out in the autumn is really nice. There are some modern, tasteful designs in there and a whole range of different thicknesses and textures. It’s also half price right now I see, so I would recommend checking it out if you’re in the market for some new jogging gear. This fabric is a fairly boring grey as workout clothes go, but I wanted something neutral to wear under other clothes as well. And it’s so soffttt and smoottthh.


Alright, that’s about all I have to say for this one. The pattern comes with some extra bits and bobs to customise the leggings, and Beth from SewDIY, who is the Project #sewmystyle guest blogger this month did a nice post on adding stirrups if you fancy that style.

I leave you with a final picture of my derriere in said leggings for the purposes of leggings fit info – and I can tell you they actually encase it pretty well. I have quite a few other makes to post, but have unfortunately been devoting every spare minute to house-hunting recently (our landlord is selling up) so have been unable to post very much. Hopefully that will be rectified soon! Until then, have fun sewing!


2 thoughts on “New make: #sewmystyle Virginia Leggings

  1. Nice! I’m very impressed by your sewing speed! These leggings seem like a wonderfully practical addition to your wardrobe.

    You know, while sewing so-called basics may not be the most thrilling thing in the moment, I find that the experience of wearing them in daily rotation makes up for that completely. That’s something that eally motivates me to keep making more of them.

    While I don’t wear leggings myself, I think a pair of casual pants/trousers to wear around the house would be a good plan for me. That revelation isn’t mine entirely but comes courtesy of this post about the new Burda Easy. I found a very similar pattern in the previous issue of Burda Easy, so now I just need to search the fabric stash for a good fabric.

    How about you? More leggings or trousers or a different sewing challenge? 🙂

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    1. Hello there! How are you? House hunting is taking up so much time, I am really behind in everything. We’re on a bit of a deadline since our current landlord wants to sell up, so it’s go, go, go! Anyway, enough of that – I hope the snow is starting to shift for you now and you see some brighter days on the horizon?

      I totally agree on the basics. It’s actually why it’s a good idea for me to do something like the Sew My Style project. I probably wouldn’t bother otherwise and it’s silly since it’s what I wear 75% of the time. Leggings are invaluable with a toddler – all that bending down. 🙂 Also, I have to say that seeing other people’s makes is rather inspiring!

      You shouldn’t be impressed with the speed. The serger makes it so fast and I think even the newest seamstress wouldn’t take much longer. Which is GREAT! I LOVE your trousers by the way. They do indeed remind me of the Lazo trousers. I will check out the Burda post you linked to as well.

      Future plans? Well, as you can see I made the Sonya dress, which was actually a fun project. Otherwise I have a bunch of knits I need to hem, but my twin needle is playing up and I’m not sure why. I’ve been all over the internet trying to figure it out and I’m sure it will end up being something simple but unexpected like raising the tension by one and cleaning the bobbin case under the light of a full moon. 🙂 What about you? What’s on the agenda? More trousers? I love the fact you’ve just run with them now – very impressive!!!

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