#makenine2018 and other sewing plans

Just a quick beginning of the year type of post to catch up on my initial plans for 2018. I’m doing the #makenine challenge from Lucky Lucille again this year, even if I didn’t manage to make everything on last year’s list. Let’s take a look actually:


Last year I picked mostly patterns that I already owned and that intrigued me or just caught my fancy. While there was nothing wrong with this approach, it did mean that I was more liable to change my mind over the year. I made 6 of the 9 garments, which I thought was a bit of a fail (in the gentlest way – I’m not very bothered!), but from what I’ve seen 4-6 seems pretty average. I haven’t seen anyone yet who made all 9 from last year!

Anyway, I made some successful garments: Simplicity 1072 became a TNT, the Morgan jeans are great (still to blog them – I know the pic is Gingers, but I was flexible on that); I’ve also enjoyed making some underwear and want to carry that on this year.

On the other hand, the Bento tee was a semi-success, but I think I picked the wrong fabric for it, so I don’t wear it too often; the Simplicity 8019 I made way too small for some inexplicable reason; and the Kwik Sew vintage pattern was a fun experiment, but I don’t think I’ll wear it anytime soon!

I decided to choose my garments this year in a slightly different manner:



I know I’m not alone in this rethinking of choices, because I’ve seen quite a few other bloggers mention choosing more basics, or wardrobe staples this year. I have a mixture of garments that are practical, staples I’ve been wanting to make for a while, and the odd aspirational garment. One thing I noticed when I finished is that there are NO dresses! Crazy! In fact there were almost no skirts until my last choice. I wear skirts in particular all the time, and I love dresses, but I think maybe these are more fun as spur of the moment makes, so it does make sense to me they wouldn’t be here. Here are my choices:

  1. Sewaholic Crescent skirt: I just really like this skirt shape.
  2. Orange Lingerie Berkeley bra: I already have this kit, which will aid its progress immensely!
  3. Grainline Archer shirt: I finally bought the pattern in the Black Friday sale.
  4. Jalie swimsuit: I started triathlon training in autumn 2017, so the Soma swimsuit from last year has been replaced with a more practical swimsuit. This one has a few different, useful, versions.
  5. Geodesic sweater from Blueprints for Sewing: I’ve been lusting after this sweater for ages. I don’t know how flattering it will be, but what can I say? I love geometry.
  6. Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans: Is there anyone who doesn’t have these on their list, haha? My Morgans were great, so I’m up for it!
  7. Tabular sweater from pompom: Probably ridiculously overambitious, but I’d like to knit a sweater. I might try and find a class locally to do it in.
  8. Deer & Doe Melilot blouse: This is slightly more whimsical, but I’ve seen so many wonderful versions from others, I’d like to give it a shot.
  9. Pin-Up Girls Kerri sports bra: It’s hard to find a good bra for bigger breasts that doesn’t cost $200. Seriously. I’m going to give making one a try.


Alright, so call me crazy, but I’ve also made up a goal for the #menswearmakenine challenge run by Allie J this year. I really enjoy making menswear and… there isn’t a lot around! At least, much that is modern and that I think my husband would actually wear, so it was hard to find 9 patterns. Anyway, these challenges are only a guide, so if I can get a few of these things made up I’ll be happy. And… to be completely honest, I’ve already made two of them, haha! I started the list before Christmas, but then decided to zip two up for pressies, so that gives me a little headstart, heh heh.


  1. M6044 short-sleeved shirt: My husband has a blue plaid shirt I love and View A looks quite similar.
  2. Peek-a-boo Rocky Mountain raglan: Tom picked this out and there are some cool variations. A good staple!
  3. Ottobre Family 07/2017 briefs: I already made these, but maybe I’ll make some more!
  4. A Halloween outfit! I’m not 100% sure it will be this one, but I’d like to make something this year.
  5. Seamwork Harrington swimshorts: We both like the classic look of these slightly vintage swimshorts.
  6. Ottobre 07/2017 Family chinos: I only decided to go ahead with this challenge after this magazine appeared. Great contemporary looking chinos.
  7. Thread Theory Jedidiah shorts: One of the only dedicated menswear companies out there, Thread Theory does a great job in producing relevant patterns.
  8. Ottobre 07/2017 sweatshirt: I, um, made this one already too. It’s lovely!
  9. Ottobre 07/2017 long-sleeved shirt: Yes, there’s a theme. This is a good-looking shirt though. I suppose the model doesn’t hurt the image either. 😉

Let’s see how we get on with those!

I’m also going to take part in #sewmystyle this year, but, like last year, I probably won’t make all of the garments. There are a few I already had my eye on, but they won’t all suit me. It’s a fun challenge though!

I’ve also been enjoying being part of the Sewcialists community. There are some great conversations going on and the feature articles are always interesting. They’ve just announced their February challenge as “stripes”, so that’s already something to think about. 🙂 #sewstripes

I know there will be plenty of community challenges that pop up through the year and which often catch my interest. I start off thinking I’ll pass, and then all the great inspiring makes start appearing, and so I end up rustling something up. I’m sure this year will be no different!

There’s a few of my ideas in this not-so-short-in-the-end post. I’ve seen a lot of other great plans. What about you? Is there anything catching your eye this year?

3 thoughts on “#makenine2018 and other sewing plans

  1. I have the Geodesic on my list too – the short version – and my sister wants to make the long version! I predict there will be more of these floating around IG this year as it’s such a freakin’ cute pattern. I want to make more menswear this year too, perhaps not 9 though! I have made a pair of shorts for my husband already so that’s a good way to start the year. Your plans look great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Naomi! Yes, I’m excited to finally make the Geodesic. I’m definitely going to experiment with a bit of colour – I guess you might too? Lol. Well, I did already make two of the menswear 9, so I cheated just a little! 😀 Let’s see how many I actually manage to finish in 2018, even if I enjoy trying… did you make any other plans? I’ll need to check your blog now! Happy New Year!!


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