New knit: Ribbed socks in Unicorn Farts


Yes, you read that correctly. And if you look at the yarn in its virgin state, you can see why! Great name, and I won’t lie – it slightly swayed me towards this colour blend. I was really looking for something that was variegated and that had a main body of white or black and this absolutely fit the bill. The yarn is Unicorn Farts by Knitted Wit, which I bought here in the PNW, at Mad Cow Yarns in Kenmore.


My first pair of socks were knit using worsted weight wool, which made them quite thick and house-sock like, but these were my first pair using standard sock yarn at fingering weight. Having said that, the yarn is still a little thicker than some, so my gauge ended up quite out on the suggested needle size. I was already at quite a low needle, and the instructions said you could adjust the number of stitches by 4 to go up or down sizes, so I decided to cast on 56 instead of 64. What I didn’t think about was that I’d have to redo all the maths. Ha! 

The pattern is a free one, from Ravelry and is called A Nice Ribbed Sock from Glenna C. Very clear instructions and lots of examples of projects made this quite a smooth ride I have to say. I found a couple of formulae online for calculating the heel turn and so on,  and it was pretty straightforward to be honest. I can’t find the page I used just now, but I’ll add the link here when I dig it up. It’s been too long!


The reason it’s been a long time is because the second sock took me months to finish, or actually, to start. My little boy managed to unravel it once, which was enough to put me off for a while. I do really want to get motoring on a knitted tee though, so I made myself pick it up again and once I got going, was through the second sock fairly quickly.


I did end up knitting the second heel backwards to the first, which happened when I unraveled a mistake and started again on the wrong row count. Ah well, no big deal. I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn and all the little surprise speckle colours. The resulting socks are soft and comfy and fit me much better than my first pair. I can see why people get addicted to this sock-knitting lark!



11 thoughts on “New knit: Ribbed socks in Unicorn Farts

    1. That didn’t even occur to me! I can see how that could be annoying though, I guess you just have to hope for the best? But yes, it was a pretty even distribution to be fair.


  1. Love your socks. Very pretty yarn. I like knitting socks, too, and I’ve recently used that same pattern from Glenna C. To avoid Second Sock Syndrome, I have started knitting both socks at the same time, instead of first one, then the other. I have two sets of double-pointed needles. I knit the cuff on one sock, then the cuff on the other sock. Then I knit one to two inches on the first sock, then one to two inches on the second sock. This way, the second sock is never more than two inches behind the first sock. If I have a 100-gm skein, I roll half of it into a ball and weight it. When it reaches 50 gm., I cut it and roll another ball with the rest of the skein. I’ve done this with two pairs of socks, and it has worked out fine.

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    1. Oooh, thank you for the tips. Someone told me about knitting two at the same time on circular needles, which sounded cool, but I’m still mastering the old double needles and I quite like using them. I must admit it didn’t even occur to me to try essentially the same process but on two sets of needles. I’m slow like that, haha. That is such a good idea though and I think I will try it next time! Thanks again! x


  2. YOU KNIT SOCKS?!?!?!? I somehow missed that! Welcome to the cult…er, club. 😉 This pair turned out great, especially for being your inaugural pair in a fingering weight! And seriously, my favorite thing about sock yarn is all the wild colors and speckles it comes in–it makes them that much more addictive to knit, I think.


  3. Haha, well, barely. It is definitely addictive though! All those lovely sock yarns, just waiting to be picked off the shelf! I already bought a yarn for my next pair called Dancing at a Funeral, which is shades of grey with a shot of bright pink and is so beautiful. The name appealed to my romantic soul too, haha. But first I plan to make a very simple tee, so wish me luck!!


  4. You’re looking at a sock knitting junkie here, so I know that addictive feeling and it doesn’t disappear! Unicorn Farts – fab name for fab socks!


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