Me-Made May 2018 Round-up: my results and a sprinkle of musings

Time to add a small post to the plethora of Me-Made May round-up posts that hit the blogosphere once we breach the banks of June. I had a really fun May and, owing to the up-and-down weather we had here in Washington state, managed to wear almost all of my me-made garments, or at least that’s how it seemed. It was so much easier to take photos this year in my new house, as our kitchen worktop is just the right height for a little mobile phone tripod. I just set the timer and snapped a couple each morning or evening coming in or out of the house.


My pledge was to wear a whole outfit each day for Me-Made May (outer clothes, not underwear/shoes) compared to last year, where I wore one item per day. I found it fairly easy to mix my me-mades up, but I also dragged some out of the closet that I wasn’t too sure about to give them a whirl and decide if they should stay or go (or be refashioned).

MMAy 18 collage 1

MMMay collage

Me-Made May 2017 vs 2018: Since last year was my first year, it’s interesting to compare my findings with what I found then. My biggest shocker last year was that I had a virtually monochromatic me-made wardrobe. I love colour and hadn’t really realised. This year I was expecting more of the same in all honesty, so I was (pleasantly) surprised to see that there was definitely a good deal more colour in my wardrobe this time round.

MemadeMay collage

I was also faintly bemused to see that there weren’t really much outfit overlap between last year and this year. I really haven’t been sewing that long, but I guess the lack of RTW clothes made a big difference. I also mentioned that I had a lack of summer clothes in my self-made wardrobe and that is something I have rectified somewhat since, so that certainly helped this year.

Me outfits.jpg

Another key point was that I felt last year that not too many of my outfits felt like “me” and that I had some way to go in the journey to finding my personal style again after a number of life upheavals. This year I definitely felt there were a few silhouettes/outfits that were much more “me” (see above) and even had a bit of style to them in terms of what I like to wear. I firmly believe that undertaking projects like “Design your Wardrobe” from Seamwork has had a lot to do with that, as well as general experience in sewing. It has taught me a lot about planning a whole look (rather than focusing on one garment at a time) and, while I still have plenty more miles to put in on that journey, I do feel I’m seeing a difference and that is… GREAT and rather satisfying *cheesy grin*.

Design your wardrobe

Of course, there are still issues to work on. One of my main takeaways this year is (like so many other sewists) to work on the co-ordinating solids and basics a little more. There were a couple of items I really wanted to wear that I just didn’t have the co-ordinates for – my Kalle cropped shirt and my Colette Beignet skirt among them.

MMAy didnt use.jpg

I also lamented my lack of accessorising and that still stands. I have tons of accessories I like, but I’m terrible at organizing them and wearing them and it makes such a difference. I always notice them on other people. Hair and makeup are the same – I’ve never been a big make-up person, (although my hair has certainly always been… big) but since leaving full-time work, that has definitely fallen by the wayside and I should make a little more effort – I really do feel better when I do – even if it’s just a brush of mascara!

Going forwards

As mentioned already, I need to make a few more coordinating items – I adore my Plantain tee and it just doesn’t make sense not to knock out a few more TNT-type garments like that tee. I actually have a pair of Ginger jeans cut out and ready to go, but just didn’t find the time to pull them together over May. My Morgans are absolutely indispensable and so more jeans will not hurt. I noted last year that my Seamwork Moji trousers were a surprise hit, but I still haven’t made any more such trousers, despite great plans. My Design Your Wardrobe featured three pairs of new trousers/jeans and I have two of them cut out and ready to sew, so that will help.


I learnt that real life and Instagram don’t always match up. No, I mean, I knew that already, (honest) but specifically in terms of Me-Made May. Many of the garments I wasn’t sure about or really didn’t think suited me were the ones that got the most likes. I think this was partly because they were more “editorial” in a photo or that many were dresses, as these always seem popular on social media, while in real life they were badly made, or unflattering from different angles perhaps. It was interesting in any case and certainly made me reconsider a few – although not all!

MMMAy testing.jpg

And finally, although taking pictures everyday is NOT a mandatory part of Me-Made May – for me it solidifies how I feel about some garments. There are a few things that are now firmly on my “Nope” list to either be donated or refashioned that were put there directly as a result of seeing them in the harsh light of everyday photos. I also re-discovered a few garments that were either languishing in a drawer somewhere or that now fit me better after losing a little weight. All useful byproducts of the exercise!

I found this year’s Me-Made May to be another very fruitful exercise. I feel a little bad for spamming my (non-sewing) friends with 31-odd pics of me in various get-ups, but… yeah, not that bad. It’s a great time to take stock, be inspired and meet new sewists. Thanks to Zoe from So, Zo, what do you know? who is the creative mind behind the whole kit and caboodle and I’ll be back next year!

2 thoughts on “Me-Made May 2018 Round-up: my results and a sprinkle of musings

  1. It was fun to see all your makes throughout the month, as well as your running commentary about what you liked and didn’t! 🙂


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