New pants: Slimline Hollywood trousers with a casual twist


I made a second pair of the Hollywood trousers by Liesl and Co. after my first test pair from back in July. For this pair I wanted to try changing them up for a more casual feel, and I had this rather thick striped twill in my stash, which I thought would suit my plans admirably.


I wanted to narrow the trouser leg width somewhat so that I could wear them long or rolled up, and I also wanted to move the pockets to the outside, adding large patch pockets in the front and a regular sized pocket to the rear.

Hollywood trousers tom

Both adjustments were pretty straightforward and you can read all about them on the Oliver and S blog, where I’ve given more details on the construction. You can see here how they can be styled both ways and I have to say I’m happy with the outcome! Even though the look of it probably has a slight summer feel, I would easily throw a cardigan over this and wear it all autumn. The trousers are absolutely thick enough to keep me warm through winter too! 




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