My #SewingTop5 hits for 2019

Another year has gone by already! Wow! It’s already time for my favourite round-up series of the year and that’s the Top 5 series by Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow. This year she’s moved it over to the Sewcialists website as she hasn’t been blogging so much this year, which makes sense – but I’ll always think of it as your series, Gillian! šŸ˜‰

Top 5 Hits 2019

You can check out my previous such posts from 2018 and 2017 if you really love this kind of thing. For me, it’s a great way to look back over the year’s garments and remind myself what I’ve been up to this year – and it’s so goddamn hard to narrow it down to five! Argh! But I did. So, without further ado – my Top 5 Hits!

Deer and Doe Sirocco (s)


I can’t recommend the Sirocco enough – it’s so good I made it twice! Seriously, check out the hashtag on Instagram if you don’t believe me. Everybody looks fab in this jumpsuit. Why is it so good? I think it’s the combination of the stretchy knit (you need 60% stretch factor for this baby) and therefore body contouring/lack of fitting woes, combined with elegant structural design details such as the tapered leg, angular pleats and sharp shoulders. Very clever.


As I mentioned, I made this twice. First, the classic black in a gorgeous mid-weight rayon from L’Etoffe Fabrics. This is a dream of a jumpsuit. Having said that, I put on a little weight over the year and so when I was in a mild panic trying to think of something to wear to Seattle Frocktails in November, I decided to whip up a silver velvet corduroy version. I made some adjustments to the crotch area and also added a simple tie to give it a 70s disco feel. It did the trick!

Named Saraste top


I finally made something from the Named Breaking the Pattern book in June despite having the book since publication and admiring the many projects from the book popping up all over social media this year. This version of Saraste is one I had my eye on from the beginning and once I spotted this Cotton + Steel fabric, it was a done deal.


The drafting is clever, creating a flattering illusion using a classical triangle shape – and the ruffles are generous but stylish. I love it and I actually can’t believe I haven’t made the other Saraste views yet – I suspect they will pop up next year at some point.

Marilla Roberts Maya top


This top is one you see appearing on social media consistently, by a variety of makers, with hacks, adaptions and in a kaleidoscope of fabrics. It’s a simple top in many ways, but is one of those garments that is simply a pleasure to sew. Well drafted and detailed – it just works.


I used one of the popular hacks for my version, adding cuffs onto the sleeves, but I’m keen to try it as drafted next time, as well as the dress version. It didn’t hurt that I sued the most beautiful rayon linen for this project, which I found at District Fabrics. I love to wear this top and I always get compliments on it.

Paper Theory Zadie jumpsuit


2019 was pretty much The Year of the Jumpsuit – and in particular, this jumpsuit – the Zadie by Paper Theory. I made it fairly late on in the bell curve of popularity, but it certainly lived up to the hype.


It’s another clever design, with a wrap around top that can be adjusted to your preference, giving much flexibility for fitting and lovely proportions. It is the most comfortable thing to wear and I just about wore it out over late summer. I made it in this gorgeous Nani Iro gauze and was so happy how it came out.

Style Arc Stevie denim jacket


The Stevie Jacket – ahhh. This was not an easy project, but it was such a satisfying one. I used vintage denim that I picked up at a Seattlesews sewing swap and it had a touching history. It was technically challenging with lots of details and brief instructions. But most of all, it levelled me up. I decided to try and add a Sherpa lining, so checked out RTW versions and figured out how to do it.


And whaddya know – it actually turned out well! I wasn’t sure how much I would really wear it, but I have worn it a TON. It is so cosy and it just feels so solid and put-together. I don’t know – it feels… EXPENSIVE, hahaha!

So there you are – my Top 5 hits. It really was hard to narrow it down as there were so many things I liked for different reasons. Next up – the one everyone enjoys the most I think – the Top 5 Fails!

10 thoughts on “My #SewingTop5 hits for 2019

    1. Thank you! I’m glad it didn’t rip in two at Frocktails tbh. I really like the Saraste. Their block is good for me in general actually, as well as Deer and Doe’s which certainly has some bearing on the results.


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