New top: Hacked Seamwork Sadie top

This was a very fast and satisfying sew. It’s such a palate cleanser to whip up a speedy knit top after you’ve been working on more detailed projects for a while. This Sadie top is the third item from my #thegreatmodulesewalong capsule wardrobe (although the second blogged) and is probably the simplest garment in the collection.


It was also the only garment that I didn’t have an exact pattern for. I knew I wanted a knit top with a funnel neck or some sort of longer neck detail, short sleeves and it to be slightly cropped. I had a few pattern ideas in mind – the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater 1 and Seamwork Astoria among them. My friend Megan mentioned that an altered Sadie might do the trick – and I realised she was right. Even better, she already had the copyshop version printed, saving me a lot of cutting and sticking together, so I decided to go for that one.


I’m pleased with the outcome! The Sadie sweater is designed as a longer top, with long sleeves, slightly dropped shoulders, patch pockets and turned up hems. I made a few simple adjustments to get the look I was after. I made size “Large”, which was very slightly smaller than my measurements, but I didn’t want it to be overly boxy.


I actually wanted it to be slightly cropped, but also with a reasonable hem band at the bottom. I measured the length I wanted and subtracted the band width (3 inches + 3/8 inch seam allowance) and then cut the front and back pattern pieces to that length. Then I drew a pattern piece for the hem band that was the circumference of the bottom of the new pieces, which was 48 inches and used the 3 3/8 inches width from before.


I also measured where I wanted the sleeves to fall and cut those pattern pieces down. I had been planning to add bands to the sleeves, but actually preferred just to hem them at 3/4″ when I tried the almost-finished top on to gauge how it looked. I coverstitched both the sleeve hem and the hem band to keep it lying nice and flat.


Otherwise, I left the top as is. I thought about possibly taking the shoulders in, but decided in the end I quite liked the slight dropped shoulder. The funnel neck was exactly what I was after, which was what attracted me to the pattern in the first place, and looks cool either flipped up or rolled over. The whole sew took just a matter of hours, including working out changes, so it’s a really quick project. Oh yes – and I left out the patch pockets too.


The fabric is this fun print from Lillestoff in the softest brushed jacquard you’ve ever felt. It makes for a very cosy spring jumper and worked out exactly as I planned, which is great. I’m wearing it with the Robinson trousers I made last week and so it’s a finished outfit from my wardrobe. I’m really happy with how it looks together and recommend this Seamwork pattern!





4 thoughts on “New top: Hacked Seamwork Sadie top

    1. Thanks Linda! When I received the fabric in the mail, I must admit the scale was even larger than I’d thought (although I realised it was fairly large), so I wasn’t sure it would work for me. But I really like the end result too! I think the monochromatic colour scheme helps it stay manageable! 🙂

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