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Hi there!

I’m Claire, Scottish, but currently living in Seattle, Washington. I moved here in 2015 with my baby boy and husband, and we love it here. I was a managing editor in the videogame industry in my pre-baby life, but for now I am at home, looking after the wee one, and have taken up apparel sewing to keep me writing, doing something creative, using my brain a little in a non-baby way and hopefully meeting some likeminded souls! I’m still a beginner, but I love this craft so far – even tasks I normally hate (eg. ironing) have a certain charm when you’re making clothes! I’m hoping to get better and better and read many other blogs which give me tons of inspiration.

In my non-baby, non-sewing life, I love to go to the movies with my husband, socialize with my newly-found Seattle friends (which may or may not often include imbibing some local wine), watch a little telly, read some contemporary fiction or a good biography, and generally check out the beautiful state in which we have chosen to live.

In the interests of interest, here are a few fun* facts about me:

  • I’ve moved a lot: I was brought up in Brunei, Qatar and Scotland as a child, but have also lived in many other places in the UK (including, but not limited to, London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Falmouth) as well as Frankfurt, Germany and Seattle, USA.
  • I have never owned a car at 42 years old. I say this mostly for my American friends who seem to find this impossible to believe. I had a driving license in the UK, but have never used it.
  • I’ve had a few different career changes: from an industrial journalist to energy market analyst working in West Africa to a videogame writer and then editor, but none of them were as tiring as being a mother. Some had more stressful moments for sure (especially cerebrally), but none were as relentless. It’s true what they say though – it is worth it.
  • I make a very good Moscow Mule.

I’d love to hear from you via email at claire_macpherson@hotmail.com – whether it’s about sewing, my site collapsing or anything else! 🙂

If you’d like to keep up with my sewing (mis)adventures, you can do so here!



One thought on “About me

  1. Hi Claire, I love your picture with this shark. Is it a white shark? I’m obsessed by sharks. I really adore these species. Is this picture taken in Seattle? Your self-made garments are really nice.
    Greetz, Elke


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