New dress: A Peter Pan-collared Moneta

And so onto my third Moneta. I made one myself here and then one for my sister as a present, so have probably covered the relevant construction details before. I didn’t make any significant changes with regards to how I constructed this dress, so will just note the changes and, of course, the collar below.


I made this dress for the #monetaparty on Instagram back in February, but fell prey to a nasty bug right before the deadline and so didn’t finish. That kind of annoyed me, so the dress sat languishing unhemmed in my cupboard for a good while, until a #sewphotohop prompt encouraged me to rescue it from the mothballs and finish the darn thing off. Continue reading “New dress: A Peter Pan-collared Moneta”

Autumn/winter 2017 sewing plans

I haven’t made too many seasonal plans so far in my sewing career. In spring and summer I let myself float along on a sea of floral rayons and jewel-toned cottons as I flit around, picking from here and there. But for autumn and winter, it seems like more thought is necessary. Some of the garments (although not all) require a larger investment of time, and the materials can be more pricey. In addition, I still have plenty left on my #makenine to fulfil (see below) and a few #sewmystyle efforts left for the year. Most of all, I really want to make a dent in my stash, so I’m going to try hard to use fabrics I already own for the rest of the year. It really shouldn’t be too hard. 😀


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New dress: M6884 – an autumn wrap


A long-sleeved wrap dress seems like a perfect autumn garment to me, but in this case the fabric informed the choice of both dress and exact pattern. I bought exactly 2 yards of this beautiful Verson Puoti Enchanting Life jersey knit from Jumping June Textiles. These euro knits are not cheap and people seem to buy small amounts to make kids clothes, mostly. When I saw this particular design though, I knew I wanted to make something adult-size. The colours are so saturated and the design has a 70s feel for me (appropriately). I just finished reading a DVF biography (first half interesting, second half not so much) and was perhaps channeling her vibe into my decisions. The fabric has a weight of 200gsm, which is perfect for a wrap, giving a little structure. Continue reading “New dress: M6884 – an autumn wrap”

#sewcialists August tribute challenge: Style Arc Kylie top


I decided to join in with this sewcialists challenge at the very last minute. I wasn’t sure if I’d have time and I was, somewhat ironically, lacking in inspiration until I remembered my little folders on Bloglovin. The theme of this first challenge was to make something inspired by, or in tribute to, a fellow blogger and I was quite keen to join in as I am definitely a “sewcial” sewist.  I have a bunch of “collections” on Bloglovin, called Things to Sew, Sewing Tips, Inspiration and so on – I’m sure you might have something similar.

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New dress: #sewmystyle August Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges


This was both a very satisfying and, at the same time, frustrating sew. Satisfying because I got a block of a few hours over two days in which to complete the project. That doesn’t happen too often, so it was nice to knock it out. This dress has actually been on my list and in my possession for some time, and when I saw it was the August sew for #sewmystyle, it encouraged me to take part in the challenge in the first place. What I wanted was a resolutely practical dress in a muted colour scheme that I could use to tie some of my wardrobe together, and that, I think, I did achieve. Continue reading “New dress: #sewmystyle August Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges”

New bag: A large Noodlehead Trail Tote

IMG_20170824_142723When I’ve been having a few fitting issues or just need a little break from apparel, I usually turn to making a bag. There are many advantages to bag-sewing:

  • Bags don’t give you fitting problems!
  • They are wonderful scrap/stash busters as they tend to need small amounts of different fabrics
  • All those bright quilting cottons sitting in your stash that you bought because you liked the pattern/colour? PERFECT for bags.
  • They’re usually pretty quick to make
  • You get to use your bag all the time, as opposed to a great dress, which may only see daylight once in a while
  • They’re actually quite forgiving – if you go a little off your seamline or misjudge cutting, you can usually get away with it

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New top: Colette Aster in rayon

Hello! It’s been a while. After my furious burst of sewing a few weeks ago, the pace has dropped off as I’ve been knee-deep in wallpapering, painting and furniture rearranging territory (as you may have seen on Instagram with my lemur wallcovering. I love it.). Anyway, I have been doing some sewing; just not much photo-taking or writing. So I’ll get to it and dive right in with this latest make and my first proper button-up blouse.


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New makes: Tees for men and boys round-up

Sometimes I think I’m not going to post something, and occasionally I get caught up in other life stuff and don’t, but for the most part I do remind myself that the blog is as much a record for me as it is a piece of outward-going media. So that’s why I’ve also written this intro: to remind myself to remind myself of that next time I forget. Etc.

This wittering is relevant because I’m posting a bunch of new t-shirts today, which are basically now TNT patterns for my husband and son. Therefore, I’ll put limited notes on them, unless I’ve constructed something differently than before. The main changes are the fabric I’ve used, so if you want some info on cotton lycra or organic knits for t-shirts, read on.


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New make: Patterns for Pirates Sunshine maxi dress

It strikes me there are virtually two separate worlds when it comes to knits as opposed to wovens. There’s some overlap of course, but I do really get the impression of being in a parallel universe when it comes to knit fabrics. Much of this has to do with children I think. There are lots of people whose primary interest is sewing clothes for their kids – and therefore are interested in a certain kind of cute, colourful knit fabric and pattern, as opposed to patterns and fabric for “adult” clothing. I’ve written a series of posts on knits and everytime I think about posting it, I discover some other aspect of this group and postpone it. I’ll get around to it one day. It’s so different from the woven community, it still surprises me all the time.


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New make: Papercut Patterns Kyoto tee


This is my contribution to the 2017 trend-set of ruffles and “statement sleeves”. I’m not a person to take on trends for the sake of it, but when I saw the brilliant new Sakura collection from Papercut Patterns, the Kyoto tee was one of the patterns that jumped out at me – and it just happened to have a ruffled sleeve. I immediately had in mind the short-sleeved version in a graphic knit – and here is the result.


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