New undies: The Cloth Habit Watsons and Evie La Luve Maxines

I’m a newbie to sewing underwear, but nevertheless I’m well aware that there is a whole lot of other content for lingerie, including articles, round-ups, plenty of tips and articles to dive into. I’ve browsed around and read bits and pieces, but the thing with lingerie (and me, actually) is that I’ve no idea whatsoever what it is that people are talking about most of the time. It seems quite technical and lingo-dense, so that, even though I know that’s mostly because of the bra stuff rather than the knickers stuff, I figured I’d jump in, make some undies and then everything might make more sense.


I’ve been aware of the Watson bra and pants pattern set for a long time and already had the pattern. They’ve been so popular with sewists everywhere that it seemed like a formality to try this design out when kicking off my journey into undercarriage coverings. In addition, I’m taking part in Bimble and Pimble’s #bpsewvember Instagram photohop, and in response to one of the prompts, someone alerted me to the existence of the FREE Evie La Luve Maxine pants (I capitalize FREE since that’s always a nice thing) and highly recommended them. So I figured – why not? – and printed off that pattern too. Continue reading “New undies: The Cloth Habit Watsons and Evie La Luve Maxines”

New garment: Brindille & Twig zip jacket

As  anyone who’s read my blog for a while will know, I have a soft spot for Brindille & Twig patterns for kids. It’s not so much the drafting or design (although both are solid) as it is so much the modernity of the patterns. These are clothes that kids actually want to wear. They’re practical (virtually all knit), quick to sew and they always look funky and fun. Their new pattern is the zip jacket and as soon as I saw it, I tossed it straight into my virtual basket and coughed up the dough. This is very unlike me – I’m not usually an early adopter – but I thought it was cool.


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New trousers: Butterick B6178 OR it too culotte of time, but I finished them…

Yes, believe it or not, I have finally finished a pair of trousers this year. Woohoo! I actually finished them pretty much on schedule in September, but for a silvery hook and eye, which I could not. be. arsed. to sew on. But I finally have! And I’m pleased to say this was a very simple and satisfying sew, albeit not necessarily my most flattering sew. I can see why the Butterick B6178 pattern is so popular.


I also now know why the editors on Project Runway are always saying how black is such a terrible colour to shoot. I’ve highlighted the black linen I used for the culottes a little and now they just look very wrinkly! Ah well. It’s a medium-weight linen and was very nice to sew with I must say. Continue reading “New trousers: Butterick B6178 OR it too culotte of time, but I finished them…”

New Autumn + Winter wear: Seamwork Oslo and Delia Creates Carrie cardigans

I love cardigans – they’re so cosy and comfy and easy to fling on and off. I already made the Jennifer Lauren Juniper cardigan, which I have been wearing non-stop and highly recommend, but I wanted a couple of less fitted slouchy cardis for a quick layer of snugness on these progressively colder nights. Cardigans are also incredibly quick to make, especially on the serger, and I also used the goal of the Instagram challenge #cosycardichallenge to kick my bum into gear and get not one, but two cardis knocked out by the end of October (admittedly I am in there by the skin of my teeth).




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New garment: A strapless column dress for Kara

My friend Kara bought this striped Cape May fabric one day, while I was persuing Joann Fabrics for some notion or other. She really loved it and asked if I would help her sew a dress. I said “Of course” and then tried really hard to find a pattern that was what she was after: a simple strapless column dress. This is what we ended up with (below) and I am really happy with the result, but it took me a bit of thinking to get there. I’m pleased for two reasons: firstly, because it’s the first project I’ve completed that really had an element of self-design/ground-up work in it as I’ll explain, but secondly because she really liked it and also because her boobs didn’t fall out when she wore it to a friend’s wedding reception. These things all make me happy.


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New knitting project: The Tin Can Knits Barley hat


Wow – October – where did you go? I had quite a lot lined up for this month, but the delight of my sister booking a last-minute trip over here, the end of my brother’s trip and a few other random matters took precedence over my crafting life for a few weeks. And it was fun! Continue reading “New knitting project: The Tin Can Knits Barley hat”

New shirt: Colette Negroni shirt for men

My husband is resolutely a t-shirt kind of man. Which is something of a shame, as he looks splendid in a shirt, particularly a short-sleeved one. Therefore, I was more than delighted when he mentioned offhandedly that he was considering wearing a shirt to work now and again and might need to find some new ones. I immediately thought about the shirt patterns I had and decided to give the Negroni a go. It’s my first man’s collared shirt and I’m really pleased with how it turned out!


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New dress: A Peter Pan-collared Moneta

And so onto my third Moneta. I made one myself here and then one for my sister as a present, so have probably covered the relevant construction details before. I didn’t make any significant changes with regards to how I constructed this dress, so will just note the changes and, of course, the collar below.


I made this dress for the #monetaparty on Instagram back in February, but fell prey to a nasty bug right before the deadline and so didn’t finish. That kind of annoyed me, so the dress sat languishing unhemmed in my cupboard for a good while, until a #sewphotohop prompt encouraged me to rescue it from the mothballs and finish the darn thing off. Continue reading “New dress: A Peter Pan-collared Moneta”

Autumn/winter 2017 sewing plans

I haven’t made too many seasonal plans so far in my sewing career. In spring and summer I let myself float along on a sea of floral rayons and jewel-toned cottons as I flit around, picking from here and there. But for autumn and winter, it seems like more thought is necessary. Some of the garments (although not all) require a larger investment of time, and the materials can be more pricey. In addition, I still have plenty left on my #makenine to fulfil (see below) and a few #sewmystyle efforts left for the year. Most of all, I really want to make a dent in my stash, so I’m going to try hard to use fabrics I already own for the rest of the year. It really shouldn’t be too hard. 😀


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New dress: M6884 – an autumn wrap


A long-sleeved wrap dress seems like a perfect autumn garment to me, but in this case the fabric informed the choice of both dress and exact pattern. I bought exactly 2 yards of this beautiful Verson Puoti Enchanting Life jersey knit from Jumping June Textiles. These euro knits are not cheap and people seem to buy small amounts to make kids clothes, mostly. When I saw this particular design though, I knew I wanted to make something adult-size. The colours are so saturated and the design has a 70s feel for me (appropriately). I just finished reading a DVF biography (first half interesting, second half not so much) and was perhaps channeling her vibe into my decisions. The fabric has a weight of 200gsm, which is perfect for a wrap, giving a little structure. Continue reading “New dress: M6884 – an autumn wrap”