Monday Montage: Baby/kid sews

I love having a little boy and all the fun and hyperactivity it brings. But when I was pregnant, I was more inspired to make crocheted baby blankets and booties than sew him clothes. Now that I’ve delved deeper into the sewing world, I’ve found some gorgeous little things to make him, but the rich spoils of the pattern universe are certainly reserved for little girls. Much like us women, little girls get the majority of the attention, and the same goes for in shops. Little boys clothes seemed (mostly) to comprise blue, nautical and foxes when I was looking for them, and it was one of the reasons I thought about taking up sewing, honestly. Continue reading “Monday Montage: Baby/kid sews”

Fighter pilot baby leggings plus some nautical extras

Yes: fighter pilot baby leggings. And some nautical themed ones too as I wanted to try two different methods! This project was a lot of fun and combined my desire to 1) make some more leggings for Joe in different ways 2) work on something inspired by a great visit to the Museum of Flight here in Seattle and 3) do some more stencilling. The fighter pilot result was these leggings!


We went to the Museum of Flight recently and I must say it was wonderful. A plane museum has not ever been something that would make me jump up and shout “Ooh ooh ooh. Let’s GO!”, Continue reading “Fighter pilot baby leggings plus some nautical extras”

Toy soldier dungarees

Well! This was a project and a half! I can’t tell you how many mistakes I made on this set of dungarees, nor how long it took me to work some things out, but I learnt an incredible amount and I really enjoyed it. Even the buttons. I’ve already figured out my current most hated task is sewing on buttons. Urgh. Need to sort out how to use that button-sewing foot on the sewing machine pronto… Continue reading “Toy soldier dungarees”