New test: Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pants

During 2017, I really wanted to try making some trousers, or at least dip my toe into  trouser-fitting waters. I closed the year with Closet Case Patterns Morgan jeans (yet to be blogged), which definitely got me in there, but the first opportunity that came along and got me started was a call for testers in September from the lovely Diane at Blue Dot Patterns.


The Coffeehouse pants/trousers are a very straightforward pair of cropped wide-leg trousers that are best made in a light-medium weight fabric. In my opinion, they’re a perfect pair of trousers for a beginner, because they get you familiar with all the basics of putting a pair together without introducing too many fancy design details. The added bonus is that I really like them! In all honesty I wasn’t expecting to, since trousers are notoriously hard to find even in ready-to-wear, and I’ve never been too successful with “floaty” trousers. The chances of my finding a decent-fitting pair right away were slim, but it worked! In the pics I’m wearing them with both a regular-length Kyoto tee and a cropped Astoria sweater to show the effect of both types of top. Continue reading “New test: Blue Dot Coffeehouse Pants”