New dress: Belgravia knit dress by Liesl + Co. with added flare

This is the sort of dress you need as a staple in your wardrobe. Or at least I do! It’s the new Belgravia knit dress from Liesl + Co. and it’s the perfect versatile knit dress. The original dress has a more fitted skirt silhouette with a lovely front vent, but I knew I would get more wear out of a voluminous skirt, so I made some simple alterations to achieve that.


I cut the size 14 at the shoulders and graded out to 18 at the waist and hips, which works for me in the Liesl + Co. standard sizing. There is plenty of stretch in this fabric, so it fits over my bust comfortably. It’s worth noting though, that the Belgravia is also available in extended sizing 16-30 as well as regular, so it might be worth checking out the measurements on both ranges. I probably would have made the extended size 16, but only the regular sizing was available when Liesl sent the Advisor’s Circle copies of the patterns. Continue reading “New dress: Belgravia knit dress by Liesl + Co. with added flare”