Our handmade wedding (sort of) in scenic Scotland…

As I may or may not have mentioned, (I really don’t recall), I got married again in May. And when I say again, I mean to the same person! We got technically married in the States last year as part of our moving process (I am non-American), but we had what I regard as the “proper” wedding, with all our relations and friends, on May 21st, in my homeland of Scotland. I decided to put together a little post documenting the handmade/decorative details that went into it, so there are some gratuitous wedding shots here, particularly of the landscape, and no sewing. 🙂 So if you’re allergic to weddings, best look away now. I always like looking at other people’s shots though, so hey… this is for you guys that feel the same way and anyone who’d like to browse someone else’s ideas!


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