New make: Butterick B6207

When I was younger, I had this two piece outfit from French Connection that my Mum persuaded me to buy (being 13 or so, I had other ideas). It was a lemon and mint striped cotton top and skirt/culottes outfit that was a lot nicer than it sounds in writing. I still rather like the look of matching tops and bottom outfits and I’ve been thinking about making one for a while. As well as the whole outfit for a more put-together occasion, you’ve also got the option to wear them separately – three outfits in one really! I had been, and am still planning, some sort of cotton circle skirt and vest top affair, but in the meantime, I’ve made up this outfit in a knit. And can I just say…. DRUM ROLL… this is my first Big Four pattern!! Woohoo!

IMG-20160404-WA0003 1

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Discoveries of a novice: Woven fabrics

One of the things that is taking me a while is getting to grips with fabric choice. Both which fabric to use and where to buy it. It can be something of a conundrum. You don’t want to spend a ton of money when you’re starting off as you’re fairly sure you’re going to make a mess of at least a couple of pieces. On the other hand, there’s just no point in making something if you don’t really like the fabric. And then there’s the whole “Is it the right fabric?” “How thick is lightweight cotton??” “How stretchy is this knit really?” “Would I need to line this one?” etc. etc. ad infinitum.


Cotton lawns and poplins

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Monday Montage: Baby/kid sews

I love having a little boy and all the fun and hyperactivity it brings. But when I was pregnant, I was more inspired to make crocheted baby blankets and booties than sew him clothes. Now that I’ve delved deeper into the sewing world, I’ve found some gorgeous little things to make him, but the rich spoils of the pattern universe are certainly reserved for little girls. Much like us women, little girls get the majority of the attention, and the same goes for in shops. Little boys clothes seemed (mostly) to comprise blue, nautical and foxes when I was looking for them, and it was one of the reasons I thought about taking up sewing, honestly. Continue reading “Monday Montage: Baby/kid sews”

New bag: Noodlehead Trail Tote


A new bag! It’s a present for someone, but I’ve sent it already, so this won’t spoil any surprise. I’m pretty sure they don’t read this blog anyway. 🙂 You may recognise this fabric. It’s the Nani Iro brushed cotton that I made my Beatrix top with. In fact, I decided to make this bag first and then used the “remainder” for the Beatrix top, which seems a funny way round, but there you are. The bag recipient loves red and I happened to know she just bought a new grey jacket, so it was  a fairly easy colour-combo decision. I added a pop of bright blue inside for a wee surprise. Continue reading “New bag: Noodlehead Trail Tote”

Monday montage: March 14th, from the sickbed

Hey folks! It feels an age since I last posted, but I have been waylaid with a weird virus for a little while. The baby also got sick for a little while, so all in all, not much to post about, or energy with which to post! I do need to get back into the swing of things though, so today is the sort of post I started off Mondays with a few months back: that is, simply stuff I like!

Face Time Sweatshirt

First up, I liked this sweatshirt from My Little Belleville on Etsy. The lady behind the shop grew up all over the world and she puts these influences into her designs. This is her Face Time Sweatshirt and I think it has quite a unique design aesthetic. Continue reading “Monday montage: March 14th, from the sickbed”

New make: Thread Theory Comox trunks

I made man pants! Man underwear! Man trunks! Whichever your linguistic preference (and I’m sorry American friends, but I will no doubt use “pants” a lot), that’s pretty fun. I asked my husband what he would like me to make him, thinking of a shirt, or jumper (sweater) and he replied that pants might be a good idea. I have been trying to hunt down menswear companies already (not a lot out there huh?) and had come across, and signed up to, Thread Theory’s lovely blog before. A local fabric shop was having a sale a few weeks ago and I spotted the Comox trunks printed pattern for sale and snapped it up. Done deal!


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New crochet: Kimono cardigan + Blocking! It Works!

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m not overly keen on crocheted apparel. It’s just my personal taste, but then I’ve never really been into boho or beach chic, which a lot of it falls under. Well, I was in Joann Fabric a few months ago, in the queue to pay and this little booklet caught my eye:  Continue reading “New crochet: Kimono cardigan + Blocking! It Works!”

Monday montage: exciting books!

Let me clarify: these are books that just came out or are yet to come out that I am excited about and that are sewing-related. Heh heh.  I am a bookaholic, a bookaphile, a book addict (a bibliophile would be accurate I suppose) and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cursed at myself for this when moving house. Or have been cursed at. I have taken up the Kindle when it comes to novels and other fiction, but I collect pop-up books and these, or any other art type book, just have to be three-dimensional, heavy and preferably smelling of paper. So, without further ado, here are five upcoming/just released books I’m looking forward to adding to my already-heaving collection…

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New make: Beatrix Nani Iro top


20160213_142544I bought a few pieces of Nani Iro fabric from Miss Matatabi a few months ago and have been looking at them every now and again since then. I said I’d make a bag for my mother-in-law after she admired the Noodlehead Cross Gatherer bag I made a few weeks ago, and her favourite colours are red and yellow, so I thought I’d use this gorgeous red flowered brushed cotton I have from the Nani Iro pile. However, that’s going to use very little fabric, so I looked for a pattern that I might be able to squeeze out of the remaining 1.75m. I’ve been admiring the Beatrix top for a while – it was the View A + placket version I saw on the Made by Rae website that finally sold it to me – and it seemed the perfect project to show off this vibrant design. Continue reading “New make: Beatrix Nani Iro top”

New make: the rite of passage Circle Skirt


I like circle skirts and I’m not sure why I haven’t made one yet, since it seems like a good project for a beginner. Plus I like maths! (I know.) Anyway, after a bit of a struggle with a rayon challis tshirt dress (bad pattern tracing and bad cutting), I decided to step back and make something quick and hopefully easier. Continue reading “New make: the rite of passage Circle Skirt”