New Autumn + Winter wear: Seamwork Oslo and Delia Creates Carrie cardigans

I love cardigans – they’re so cosy and comfy and easy to fling on and off. I already made the Jennifer Lauren Juniper cardigan, which I have been wearing non-stop and highly recommend, but I wanted a couple of less fitted slouchy cardis for a quick layer of snugness on these progressively colder nights. Cardigans are also incredibly quick to make, especially on the serger, and I also used the goal of the Instagram challenge #cosycardichallenge to kick my bum into gear and get not one, but two cardis knocked out by the end of October (admittedly I am in there by the skin of my teeth).




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Autumn/winter 2017 sewing plans

I haven’t made too many seasonal plans so far in my sewing career. In spring and summer I let myself float along on a sea of floral rayons and jewel-toned cottons as I flit around, picking from here and there. But for autumn and winter, it seems like more thought is necessary. Some of the garments (although not all) require a larger investment of time, and the materials can be more pricey. In addition, I still have plenty left on my #makenine to fulfil (see below) and a few #sewmystyle efforts left for the year. Most of all, I really want to make a dent in my stash, so I’m going to try hard to use fabrics I already own for the rest of the year. It really shouldn’t be too hard. 😀


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