New dress: In the Folds free Jersey Dress for #sewfrosting


This was a whirlwind project that I cut out one morning recently and sewed up on the serger the same afternoon. I’ve made a few slightly more complex projects recently, so I really just wanted something fun, fast and frivolous to zip up in a couple of hours that would hide all the holiday food I’ve been eating. And it really was all those things. The only fly in the ointment occurred when I slipped the finished garment over my head and thought, “Hmm, slightly nightgown-ish”. This was compounded when I went through to show my husband: “Hey look! I made this whole thing today!!” And he said, “Well, it’s nice… but it looks like a nightdress. Is it?” Hmmm. Damn, I thought.

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New outfit: Simplicity 1072 pencil skirt and sweater

Hello from the Californian desert! I’m on holiday with the family and visiting my father-in-law, who lives out in snake and scorpion territory. Very exciting! It was hard to get great light for these pics with all the holiday goings-on, but I managed to snap a few. And I’ve got to tell you it is so nice when you make something that you really like and know you are going to wear non-stop. I can usually find something to like in most of my makes, even if it’s just the learning process for some of them, but there’s nothing like using a pattern and thinking – aha! – that is my perfect t-shirt/skirt/shorts/crotchless bodysuit/whatever.


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