New tops and bag: The Ogden + Ida Swap 2019

This is my second year doing this swap challenge #ogdenidaswap2019, but this year I decided to do the full thing and made both the True Bias Ogden top and the Kylie and the Machine Ida bag. Last year I only made the Ogden and enjoyed the challenge so much, I thought I’d up the ante this year. If aren’t familiar with the challenge, it’s much as it sounds. You choose to make one or both of the aforementioned items and are given a recipient to send them to. You Instastalk them for a few days and then make and post off your item based on the measurements you receive. Some other plucky soul does the same for you!


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New top: True Bias Ogden Cami for the #ogdenidaswap

I’ve had this cami in my sights for ages, since it’s one of those uber popular patterns that everyone and their granny has made. My main issue with it was the same issue anyone with large breasts has with a cami – that you could wear it without dirty great bra straps showing and spoiling the view. I don’t have anything against bra straps showing per se, (I am a young adult of the 90s where it was de rigeur), but for this kind of top I think my massive over-the-shoulder boulder houlders kind of spoil the delicacy of the garment.


Anyway, I’d read a few reviews from sewists who said it wasn’t too much of an issue because of the strap width – and then I saw an Instagram post from Jen @jenlegg4 about the #OgdenIdaSwap challenge, which she hosted along with Laura @cottonreelstudio. The challenge was to make either the Ida bag, the Ogden cami or both, for a Secret Santa-type recipient and post ’em off. This is exactly the kind of thing that will get me all invested in a pattern, and so it was to be… Continue reading “New top: True Bias Ogden Cami for the #ogdenidaswap”