New garment: A strapless column dress for Kara

My friend Kara bought this striped Cape May fabric one day, while I was persuing Joann Fabrics for some notion or other. She really loved it and asked if I would help her sew a dress. I said “Of course” and then tried really hard to find a pattern that was what she was after: a simple strapless column dress. This is what we ended up with (below) and I am really happy with the result, but it took me a bit of thinking to get there. I’m pleased for two reasons: firstly, because it’s the first project I’ve completed that really had an element of self-design/ground-up work in it as I’ll explain, but secondly because she really liked it and also because her boobs didn’t fall out when she wore it to a friend’s wedding reception. These things all make me happy.


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