New menswear: Ottobre Family Urban Classic briefs

Have you seen the new Ottobre Family edition yet? I saw there was a new magazine (07/2017) in town when they did their great Black Friday sale (free international shipping!) and snapped one up to take a peek. I’m familiar with Ottobre Kids (brilliant) and have seen the odd Woman edition, but Family is the one to get if you’re after menswear or teenwear (particularly male teens I’d say). In this edition are some fantastic menswear patterns including these briefs, a long-sleeved tee, slim chinos, jeans, a sports jacket, hoodie and much more. I decided to make a couple of fairly last-minute patterns as Xmas presents for my husband and these briefs were the first garment.


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New dress: V9264 – a Christmas dress and designer knock-off


20171210_115320This dress came about for several reasons. Initially I happened to spot a wonderful Marc Jacobs dress in Nordstrom. I occasionally pop up to the designer floor to check out the sewing on some of the garments and get a little inspiration. I’ve never been a designer clothes wearer, but I thought the design on this $995 dress (below left) was really sharp and interesting, and the velvet was of beautiful quality. I wouldn’t have really noticed it in a picture, but in real life the dress just sort of glowed. Of course, it was also hitting those three big A/W fashion trends of red, velvet and shoulders/sleeves, which would normally put me off in all honesty, but it just so happens that I rather like red anyway, so… YES! Continue reading “New dress: V9264 – a Christmas dress and designer knock-off”

New make: Colette Beignet skirt

I’m so happy to have finished what I’m thinking of as my first “proper” skirt. I suppose what I really mean is my first “intermediate” skirt and I definitely learnt a lot making it. It consolidated many techniques and skills I’ve already picked up over the last year and a bit – and, most importantly, I really like it!


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New makes: #sewingdares Great British Sewing Bee Breton Top and M6966 maxi skirt


Two items crossed off the old A/W list. One totally successful and one partially, but to be improved upon. First, let me mention the McCall’s M6966 maxi skirt. I threw out my last long black maxi a few months ago and the reason I did was because it had too many holes in it. This gives you a good idea how much I wore it and why I need another. Okay, it doesn’t win any awards for being inspiring, fashion forward or even… cheery. But a skirt like this is all-weather-suitable, can hide any number of sins and goes with (almost) everything. Like all of those perennial favourites though, it’s amazing how hard it is to find a good, simple RTW black skirt (or white shirt, plain black cardigan, etc, etc.) Continue reading “New makes: #sewingdares Great British Sewing Bee Breton Top and M6966 maxi skirt”

New make: Circle Skirt 2 – the woven episode

Hey all! I’m writing this from Siena, Italy, heh heh and although you’d think I’d be spending every waking moment seeing the sights, I do actually get a little downtime while the baby naps, etc. On that note, he slept through the night for the first time since we arrived last night! Yippee! The time zone adjustment issue was getting old, I can tell you. So, since I’m feeling vaguely human this morning, I thought I’d catch up on something I made a while ago, but just finished here: a woven circle skirt.


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