Monday montage: New sewing books!

Well, it’s Tuesday and I haven’t written a Monday Montage for a while, but there are some nice-looking new sewing/craft books coming out imminently or that were published recently. A couple of these are definitely going on my Christmas list, so I thought I’d share what I’ve found!


A Beginner’s Guide to Making Skirts: Learn how to make 24 different skirts from 8 basic shapes by Wendy Ward. I already have Wendy’s Beginner’s Guide to Dressmaking book and it has a number of sweet and simple designs that are suitable for any beginner. My interest was therefore piqued when I saw this book in the offing, but it was only really when I saw the blog posts Wendy has been posting about each “chapter” of skirts in her book that I decided I’d definitely like to have it. I just popped over to her blog to capture the link for this post and noticed she has also just announced a fantastic competition for UK residents related to this book. I can’t enter, but if you want to win a truckload of goodies, head over there at the link above and check it out! Continue reading “Monday montage: New sewing books!”

The Great British Sewing Bee: From Stitch to Style review

Not exactly the most succinct of book titles, eh? And I’m not sure the “From Stitch to Style” subtitle really tells you anything very much, but at least the first part tells you from whence the book originates. I haven’t really written a book review for this blog before, although I may start, since I have such a multitude, but I wanted to jump in on this one right away, because – it’s ACE. I picked it up on a whim really, from WH Smith (I can’t think of a similar US store, but it’s basically a bit bookstore/bit newsagent/bit stationery shop) for about £8 and I see it’s the same on This is a STEAL! Honestly. Continue reading “The Great British Sewing Bee: From Stitch to Style review”