Top 5 Hits of 2017

I follow a fair few bloggers these days and I have to say that Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow is one of the many I hugely admire. Not only does she have a crazy level of sewing output in terms of challenges, makes and whole projects (The Sewcialists for example), she’s one of those people who often has me nodding my head in agreement, thinking what a wise lady she is. Anyway, enough rambling flattery – the point of this post is that she has a sewing Top Hits round-up she invites people to join in on every year and I’m doing so for 2017. Nothing like a bit of summation and reflection to give you pause for thought and I actually really enjoy reading other people’s. Without further ado then, my top sewing hits for 2017:


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#sewcialists August tribute challenge: Style Arc Kylie top


I decided to join in with this sewcialists challenge at the very last minute. I wasn’t sure if I’d have time and I was, somewhat ironically, lacking in inspiration until I remembered my little folders on Bloglovin. The theme of this first challenge was to make something inspired by, or in tribute to, a fellow blogger and I was quite keen to join in as I am definitely a “sewcial” sewist.  I have a bunch of “collections” on Bloglovin, called Things to Sew, Sewing Tips, Inspiration and so on – I’m sure you might have something similar.

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