New dress: M6884 – an autumn wrap


A long-sleeved wrap dress seems like a perfect autumn garment to me, but in this case the fabric informed the choice of both dress and exact pattern. I bought exactly 2 yards of this beautiful Verson Puoti Enchanting Life jersey knit from Jumping June Textiles. These euro knits are not cheap and people seem to buy small amounts to make kids clothes, mostly. When I saw this particular design though, I knew I wanted to make something adult-size. The colours are so saturated and the design has a 70s feel for me (appropriately). I just finished reading a DVF biography (first half interesting, second half not so much) and was perhaps channeling her vibe into my decisions. The fabric has a weight of 200gsm, which is perfect for a wrap, giving a little structure. Continue reading “New dress: M6884 – an autumn wrap”