Monday montage: Ravelry garment revelry

Oh yes. All things woollen this Monday. My learning to sew has reignited my itch to crochet and my husband bought me a knitting course voucher at Christmas too, so I’ve been looking over all sorts of woollen goodies and crocheting up a few. I love crocheting blankets, scarves and cowls, but when it comes to garments, knitting is the winner for me. I can’t actually knit at all, so it’s pure conjecture and longing at this point, but here’s what’s already going on my Ravelry garment queue… and the first couple are FREE! Woohoo!

First up, I adore these little 50s-esque cardigans in beautiful bold colours, with a sprinkling of lacy detail. This gorgeous number is called Miette and is designed by Andi Satterlund. No doubt that the styling is stunning too. I would quite like to be this perfect fringe girl this morning. Sigh.

Second, staying on the free theme, okay, it’s not a garment, nor is it a knitting project. Think of it as a bonus and I’ll add another four garments after. But it is beautiful and, rightfully, very popular. This lovely crocheted shawl is called Eva’s Shawl by milobo and there are a gazillion examples of reader’s projects on Ravelry if you need further persuasion. Did I mention it was free?

Right, back to garment love and something a little more heavy duty. Coatigan, housecoat, long cardigan, whatever you want to call it, everybody loves one of these to lounge around in. You can wear them anywhere and this Snowbird pattern looks like rather a classic to me. It’s designed by Heidi Kirrmaier and she really has a lot of lovely patterns to offer. I could feature five of her patterns alone here.

This top is a touch more whimsical and there’s something I just love about those Fair Isle-ish Paper Dolls. You can see this is by Kate Davies Designs and it looks pretty tricky to me, but has been rated on the easy side by the majority of people who have made it, so what do I know? Nothing, I tell you.

Back to outerwear and a coat/jacket I thought was pretty cool. It’s called Lost & Found, is a unisex knit and was designed by Stephen West. I can’t decide if it’s kind of futuristic and spacey, or new agey. Maybe both? There are some great versions that people have made that make me want this even more.

And… finally for this week… something that will take me 10 years to knit, but isn’t it pretty? I’m sure it will come as no surprise that this is called 15-11 Marius-genser rund sal and is designed by Unn Søiland Dale. Nope, me neither. My rudimentary Norwegian tells me this is a classic design from the 50s that was designed for the Olympic Winter Games. Just kidding, it tells you that in the comments. And apparently there is an English translation of the pattern. Yippee!

And with that, I’m off to make more stuff. Bye for now!


4 thoughts on “Monday montage: Ravelry garment revelry

  1. Hi,

    Miette is a great first project so you should definitely give it a try! The pattern is well written, but if you get stuck, there’s a ton of information online (and a KAL going on on Ravelry right now).

    I started my Miette last week and I’m almost finished (just have the sleeves and edging left). It’s so pretty – and such a quick project – that I’m probably going to make another before spring. Can’t wait to see yours!

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    1. Oh that’s great – thanks for the tips and advice! I was about to ask what on earth a KAL was, but yep, I think I figured it out – doh. 🙂 It is such a pretty cardigan and I’ll definitely check out those resources, although it may be a little while before I can make it. I’m fairly new to Ravelry, so still figuring out all the options and sections – it’s huge! Are you going to post your Miette? Looking forward to seeing it!


  2. I wish i knew how to crochet.. my mum likes to crochet… she used to make these really beautiful table cloths.. im hoping i will get them fo my new house.. they are truly amazing… make sure you post some pics of your progress i would love to see your work 😊

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    1. Sounds lovely – I hope you get some tablecloths too! That sounds pretty intricate and beyond my skill level, but it’s honestly not too hard to learn the basics. Use YouTube and a good book – you’ll have a blanket whipped up in no time (although maybe not a tablecloth) 🙂

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